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Local M.A.D.e.NESS 2011

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Local M.A.D.E.NESS is going to be the biggest yet! Next show is at the Bellingen Showgrounds on Saturday April 9th. Set to get everyone dancing, inspire the kids and draw a crowd to showcase our local talent are none other than KING TIDE, THE NOMAD and MORGANICS!!

They will also be doing great workshops sponsored by “Drink? Don’t Sink” in the week leading up to this insane event which will be the highlight of National Youth Week for Bellingen. This year we are honouring the traditional owners of the land with the Jumbaal Dreamin’ Dancers along with a Smoking Ceremony. Leo Barcala (LB Rigging) and Craig Richardson (Any Entertainment) remain on board again by providing two MASSIVE stages with sound, lighting and sets to match any major festival you’ve ever been at! The Reverb Stage (sponsored by Reverb Magazine) will be entirely youth run, from production to performance and set design and will feature artists chosen by our local young guns team. Amongst the dance action again will be Jazz and BBoy Yogi with some serious hot moves and workshops to inspire all.

Last year we cleared 500 people, this year we have a super sweet grant from the NSW Better Futures program through Bowraville’s Miimi Aboriginal Corporation and the “Drink? Don’t Sink!” Project which is funded by the Local Government Association of NSW and Shires Association of NSW under the Healthy Communities Initiative. Can you imagine what we can do with that in addition to the $16,000 worth of in-kind support from LB Rigging, Nambucca Temporary Fence Hire, Any Entertainment and Mid-Coast Printing?! It’s going to be a complete blast and you’re invited, this is Local M.A.D.E. and it is indeed made by you, so come make your festival!!

KING TIDE [Myspace] [Facebook] [YouTube]

Dubbed the hardest working whitey reggae band ever, those mighty Kings of rebel music King Tide are back for one of their electrifying live shows. Don’t miss this night of skank! King Tide have earned their fan base on the live scene – renowned for their brilliant high energy live shows. Their list of festivals is almost endless.. it’s as if every good festival must have them!

The NOMAD [Website][Myspace] [Facebook] [Soundcloud]

Roaming the globe, cruising along the road less travelled, The Nomad makes music that pushes the boundaries and combines a unique blend of reggae, dub, hip-hop and electronica. Daimon Schwalger aka the Nomad, shares the story of his journey through creation and celebration of independent music. Having spent more than two decades behind both the decks and the controls, Daimon is now master of his own production studios, Fresh Audio. A crispy mix of musical talent, he’s released five albums to date and is set to drop his sixth album titled ‘Perilous Times’ due for release in May 2011.

MORGANICS [Website][Myspace] [YouTube]

Survival Tactics”, due out late 2011.

A Little Province

Bats Vs. Snakes

Bats vs Snakes formed in April 2010. Since then have played The Sonic Festival, made the finals in the National Band competition and took out second place in The Mary Gilhooley’s Band Comp in Sept 2010 winning $1500. They are an energetic blend of ‘Fast Slowing’ Hip-Hop, Funk, and crazy Psychedelia. All boys currently attend Southern Cross University and are in the process of recording their E.P!


Being a performer, choreographer, film maker and Zumba instructor is a big job for anyone let alone a seventeen year old doing their HSC but Jazz is determined and her passions drive her along with the amazing support from her home town of Bellingen. Beginning dancing at the age of four Jazz always found her passion to lie within the genre of Jazz but over the years was trained in ballet, hip hop, contemporary and break dancing as well. Now Jazz teaches a group of teen girls (named Broken Keyboard) and they perform at Local M.A.D.E events in Bellingen, where Jazz headlines the dance section with her solos. “When I realised that audiences enjoyed my choreography I really tried to get my stuff out there more and more… I make it fun and I think that’s why my students come back, because of my hyped attitude.”

BBoy Yogi

Brad Dale Harrison aka “YOGI” began Bboying 10 years ago at the age of 12. He took on dancing simply because he enjoyed it, not knowing that this was the start of a new lifestyle.

Throughout his career, Yogi has been featured on DVD’s such as SEVEN SHADOWS Vol. 1&2, Alieness Bronxstyle DVD, and UK World Bboy Championships 2005. Amongst these have been national TV shows also- Australia’s Got Talent, Totally Wild, The Shack and Toasted TV some of which to explain to community’s and people about passion he and his crew have for their culture and how it has influenced their lives. Although Bboying is his life, YOGI is also a musician playing ‘DRUMS’ for two bands, one which incorporates both his skills together in one performance.

Watch and Learn…

Never One Day

Never One Day

Never One Day started in Bellingen in 2006 for a school talent quest. We consisted of Jo Ashley, Bennett Haskew, Nathan Holding, Seamus Deagan and Tom Jones and were all 12 years old except Tom who was one year younger. We lost Tom the year after but gained very talented young drummer, Luca Bacigalupo, and also lost Seamus in 2010 but gained the lovely Shanteya Lancaster (singer and guitarist), which promoted Jo to lead guitarist. We now consist of Jo Ashley (lead guitarist/singer), Shanteya Lancaster (guitarist/singer), Bennett Haskew (keyboardist/singer), Nathan Holding (bassist/singer) and Luca Bacigalupo (drummer).

We are influenced by many, many artists and bands, ranging over many genres. We consider our original music a genre of ‘vocal rock/alternative’, including mellow acoustic guitar riffs, powerful vocal harmonies, funky bass licks, sweeping keyboard melodies and rhythmical drumming.

We have many gigs over the years since we first formed, including a Battle of the Bands, private gigs, Bellingen Markets for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and Bellingen Bowling Club. We were also the first band at the first Local MADE gig, and performed at the second MADE gig also. The Young Blood gig will be our first gig with all the current members and we are also booked in to play at the upcoming Local MADE gig in April and a private performance. We hope to get many more gigs around the area this year and hope to record some of our original songs.

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