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Monetary Support
It takes a lot of money to put great events and workshops on, we don’t have much but we do heaps with what we do have. People are often amazed at just how much we achieve with the monetary support we do receive. We also have great partners who are part of Local M.A.D.E. and help us with discounting some very big costs; LB Rigging provides world-class stages and Any Entertainment provides the best sound on the coast. Money isn’t the only way to contribute so please contact us if you would like to be a part of Local M.A.D.E!

Feel free to deposit as much as you like into our bank account! It’s not tax deductible yet but that’s because we haven’t tried to prove that we are a charity or relieve poverty or suffering. In one sense we help prevent poverty and suffering by providing a great community social and training space. But we don’t directly relieve suffering by saving people from hardship. It could be argued that some organisations that do receive tax deductible donations do less than us and trim a bit too much money off the top but it’s not really our place to say. The reality is there are so many worthy charities out there and we wouldn’t claim we are more deserving; but if you are feeling generous and you like what we’re doing we can make great use of your money 🙂

Bank Details:
Local M.A.D.E Inc.
BSB: 704328
Account: 211089
Account Type: S 20

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