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In preparation for the immense battle at Electric Jungle 2 next week, Local MADE is running Hip Hop Workshops by donation; 3:30pm-6:30pm all week at the new youth centre and; during school at the Bellingen High School.  Professional, fun and hands-on instruction will be run by Mr. McGroove, old-school vinyl turntablist from Adelaide, and Astro Black (Joe Black), eMCee and beat boxer from L.A!!   (Black, 2005)  A key part of these workshops will also be improving the technical skills to do with sound production and use of equipment.

Currently the Youth Crew are in the final preparation stages for the next indoor event to be held 20th October.  Get on board now to be a part of it! Email:

Local M.A.D.E. has launched a more comprehensive Mentoring And Development Experience this year with the help of the Federal Government’s Regional Arts Fund. Specialists in the fields of Music Arts Dance Extravaganza each have a mentor/leader who will inspire their students to take charge of their chosen artform and apply their skills to the Local M.A.D.E. wheel.

There is now a regular opportunity to meet the Local M.A.D.E. team, participate and learn new skills in a relaxed environment.  Every 2 weeks on a Friday we have a Youth Open Mic & Jam. A great time to pick up a few extra skills.  Check out Youth Open Mic Jam Nights

Our youth team meet every Wednesday at the New Bellingen Youth Hub to create the future of Local M.A.D.E.

You don’t have to know what you want to do or how you can help, you can leave that to us. We will take the time to find out what suits you, even if you just want to meet new people or see what we are all about. Email:

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